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Date Wednesday, May 9, 2012
Time 8:00 pm, Europe Summer Time (Amsterdam, GMT+02:00)
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Where’s That Darn Button??!! – The value of an intuitive interface

How many times have you found yourself frustrated while looking for something on a website? Learn how to avoid the common pitfalls, and leverage SDL Tridion’s power to deliver a better user experience.

Presenter: Michelle Chance, CEO of Ranked One, Inc. (

Michelle has a Bachelors in Psychology, and a Masters in Multimedia and Instructional Design. She has been creating websites for approximately 20 years, and implementing Tridion since 2006. In each instance she applies a strategical approach, with a delicate balance between technology and marketing, to bring out the most of the application to meet each of her customers’ business needs and objectives, because Tridion is truly a business tool.

Navigation and a Management Interface

There are as many Navigation solutions for SDL Tridion as there are consultants out in the field. The system’s flexibility in accommodating different technologies has led teams to implement navigations in many different ways – sorting nodes through metadata or node names (“010 About us” anyone?), using ASP.NET sitemap providers, XML/XSLT, etc – all has been done, except for a dedicated Navigation Manager interface.

Until now. As part of a large implementation, SDL WCM Professional Services was tasked with creating a Navigation Management interface allowing:

Controlled edits to the navigation – adding pages, adding structure groups, re-ordering nodes – all is done via this custom interface with granular access control
Workflow approvals for navigation changes – reordering, renaming, adding/removing – all can go through workflow
Navigation files split across individual files – faster publishing, fine grained control over changes, less impact when using workflowDuring this session I will be walking you through the requirements, the thought process and a demo of this solution.

Presenter: Nuno Linhares , Principal Consultant, SDL (

Nuno Linhares is a Principal Consultant within SDL’s Web Content Management Solutions Division (based in New York) and has worked with the company’s Professional Services organization since March 2005.


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