September 2012 Webinar


Date Wednesday, September 12, 2012
Time 8:00 pm, Europe Summer Time (Amsterdam, GMT+02:00)
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 Tridion and PHP Don’t Mix… or Do They? / Creating Tridion GUI Extensions – A Walkthrough
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Integration: Tridion and PHP Don’t Mix… or Do They?

Using PHP and Dynamic Publishing, the considerations and the limitations of using PHP via OData v.s. .NET or Java.  I will show some sample code and discuss the kind of TCDL handlers that need to be developed, and the difficulty/ease of doing so.

Presenter: Nickoli Roussakov (Content Bloom)

Nick has a history of building business web applications using various technologies including .NET, J2EE, various Oracle products and more, and has played many different roles in the software development lifecycle including Tester, Business Analyst, Developer, Project Manager and even an IT Strategy Analyst. His passion lies with designing and delivering solutions for the business through the use of technology. He immediately fell in love working with SDL Tridion since it enables the technologist to stay on top of his game. Currently Nick works as a Technical Director of Content Bloom Inc. in North America.


Creating Tridion GUI Extensions – A Walkthrough

Tridion 2011 contains a new GUI Extension framework to extend the Tridion GUI and improve the experience for Editors and Authors.  This presentation will walk through various GUI Extensions and explain the code and what happens behind the scenes.  New GUI Extensions will be created in the webinar using the Anguilla Framework, Web Services, and .NET.

Presenter: Robert Curlette, Tridion Architect, Freelance (Curlette)

Robert enjoys helping Tridion customers upgrade to Tridion 2011 and take advantage of the new features in the platform.  He started his career at Tridion’s headquarters in Amsterdam in 2000 and blogs at where he shares information about creating GUI Extensions, Event System, Broker, and Tridion 2011 features.

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  2. Hi Julian, was the webinar recorded? It was really that interesting that I want to re-visit and follow-up on a few of my notes 🙂


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