June 2013 Webinar


Date Thursday, June 6, 2013
Time 8:00 pm, Central European Time (Amsterdam, GMT+01:00)
Recording via SDL


Session One: Search Integration For Tridion

Will and Raimond introduce a new open source project, which enables you to rapidly build a website search engine integration.
It can be used out-of-the-box to integrate with Solr for a basic one-box content search, or can be easily extended to provide more advanced field-based searching, or integrate with other search engines.

Presenter: Will Price & Raimond Kempees

Will is a seasoned web application consultant having worked on web projects for clients all over the world for the last 14 years. He has a deep technical and functional understanding of SDL Tridion solutions from his 6+ years working at SDL as a Principal Consultant in Amsterdam. Since 2012 he has been working freelance and continues to be involved in SDL Tridion projects.

Raimond is an independent CMS consultant and has for the past 8 years been involved in many fast-paced web projects all over the world, specializing among others in the SDL Tridion platform and building integrations on just about any development platform known to man.

Session Two: Core Service Java Client (and perhaps TOM.Java)

With the introduction of Core Service in Tridion 2011 as WCF service, we have seen many ‘out-of-the-box’ .NET clients. Yet, very few Java clients. Want to see how easy/difficult it is to implement a Core Service Java client? What are the constraints? What about authorization? Transport mechanism? Endpoints? Pros and Cons? The main goal of this session is to explain all the points above and to demo the creation and usage of the Java client.

And then perhaps… Ever wondered about writing Java on the Content Manager side? An event system or workflow implementation in Java? Or even templates in Java? This is all possible using Java Native Interfaces (JNI) — the same technology currently used in Content Delivery, only this time applied to the Content Manager. This session’s goal is to present the foundation layer that would enable all of the above: the TOM.Java API — the automatically generated JNI version of the existing TOM.NET API.

Presenter: Mihai Cadariu, Principal Consultant, SDL

Mihai Cadariu is a Principal Consultant who has been working for SDL (Tridion) since 2005. He is a Certified Consultant with very strong web development skills; therefore he specialized initially in SDL Tridion Content Delivery. Mihai is however an all-round technical person who is mastering all aspects of SDL Tridion.

Mihai’s day-to-day responsibilities include consulting, architecting Tridion solution and integrations, developing and delivering trainings, as well as coaching his more junior colleagues. He enjoys programming in C# with a predilection for Java technologies; he is the owner/creator of several frameworks such as: YAWF (Yet Another Workflow Framework), Content Web Application (CWA) and Secure Content Delivery (SCD) modules. Mihai is also the owner of http://yatb.mitza.net

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2 comments on “June 2013 Webinar
  1. anand says:

    Thanks for the presentation, we tried this usinf tridion 2013 and we found that when we publish a page we where able to see the index data on the page , but it does not update the search solr data one thing we noticed was the RegisterAction is not being called , is there anything that we are missing .

    please provide your response to anand.sarangapani@gmail.com


  2. jules says:

    Hard to say without more information I myself have not come across the probem. The best thing you can do is post your question on http://tridion.stackexchange.com/ and see what the community thinks.

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  2. […] followed the steps provided in the webinar, please let us know if anyone has faced the same […]

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