November 2014 Webinar



Date Wednesday, November 5, 2014
Time 8:00 pm, Central European Time (Amsterdam, GMT+01:00)
Recording via SDL
Slides SDL Tridion Reference ImplementationCustom Cache Implementations with and without DD4T


Session One: SDL Tridion Reference Implementation

The what, why, how, and why should I care…


Bart Koopman, Community Development Consultant (SDL)

Bart Koopman is a Community Development Consultant with SDL and has worked for the company since 2003. In his current role at the Product Management department, he is the evangelist of all SDL Tridion products.

In the past, Bart worked as a trainer and consultant in the Professional Services department and before that he was a SDL Tridion Technical Support engineer. Currently he is responsible for the SDL Tridion World website and the SDL Tridion community.
You can find some of his contributions to the SDL Tridion community on and on

Will Price

Will is a seasoned web application consultant having worked on web projects for clients all over the world for the last 14 years. He has a deep technical and functional understanding of SDL Tridion solutions from his 6+ years working at SDL as a Principal Consultant in Amsterdam. Since 2012 he has been working freelance and continues to be involved in SDL Tridion projects.

Session Two: Custom Cache Implementations with and without DD4T

Mihai will present:

  • Various mechanisms showing in-memory or on-disk caches and invalidation
  • High-concurrency Object Caching
  • Output Caching
  • Donut Caching
  • JMS Cache Channel Service
  • Message Driven Beans for invalidation
  • EHCache implementation
  • Infinispan implementation

Presenter: Mihai Cadariu

Mihai Cadariu is a Certified Consultant with very strong web development skills; therefore he specialized initially in SDL Tridion Content Delivery. Mihai is however an all-round technical person who is mastering all aspects of SDL Tridion.

Mihai’s day-to-day responsibilities include consulting, architecting Tridion solution and integrations, developing and delivering trainings, as well as coaching his more junior colleagues. He enjoys programming in C# with a predilection for Java technologies; he is the owner/creator of several frameworks such as: YAWF (Yet Another Workflow Framework), Content Web Application (CWA) and Secure Content Delivery (SCD) modules. Mihai is also the owner of

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